Klaassen Advocaten

Klaassen Advocaten is a maritime law firm in Rotterdam, the Netherlands,  focused primarily on matters relating to international trade and transport (shipping, road transport and air cargo) and was founded by Roelant Klaassen in 2001. Since 2013 we also advise on employment law. Please visit our website.

Strong ties with Rotterdam

Our firm has strong ties with Rotterdam and the port of Rotterdam in particular. This is true for both our own staff and many of our clients.

We advise business owners and mediate, negotiate and – if necessary – litigate on their behalf in cases relating to (international) commercial contracts and transport documents (bills of lading and charter parties etc.), regulations and other legal matters relating to the port, trade and transport. We provide legal assistance to all of the various parties in the transport chain, including national and international undertakings that are involved in (international) trade, transport, logistics services, offshore and technology, such as freight forwarders, stevedores, shipbrokers, agents, storage companies and carriers (marine navigation, inland navigation and road and rail transport).

Our clients also include shipyards (for new builds and repairs), maritime construction and installation companies, the suppliers of technical equipment and staff, as well as insurers and underwriters.

We also have many years of experience in the field of employment law, including employment termination law (law on both individual and collective redundancy), restructuring, employment contracts, participation in decision-making, flexible employment relationships and issues relating to collective labour agreements (CAOs).


Given the international nature of the trade in which our clients engage, we are often brought in to handle cross-border cases. This has enabled us to establish and maintain good contacts with lawyers in Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom and other countries/regions, such as Scandinavia, France, Russia, Ukraine and West Africa.