The reasons for the lifting of or release from the arrest are either payment of the outstandings, the provision of sufficient security or by order of the court.

Security is acceptable or sufficient if it is provided by means of a bank guarantee from a first class Dutch bank or a guarantee (letter of undertaking) from a P&I club. The debtor also has the option to initiate summary proceedings against the claimant at the same court that handled the arrest petition. A hearing can be scheduled on very short notice, sometimes even on the same day that such a hearing is requested (due to the fact that an arrest can cause considerable damages). Often times the judge will pass judgement orally at the hearing if so requested.

The actual lifting of the arrest will have to be done by the bailiff. The bailiff will have to be instructed by the lawyer to lift the arrest, at which time the bailiff will immediately inform the debtor and port authorities accordingly. The ship will then be free to depart.